Aurora Light Bottles

As well as custom LED lighting projects I produce these unique touch-sensitive bottle lights. Each is filled with dozens of full colour addressable LEDs and then the location of each is mapped, this means they can make patterns that move up or down or round the bottle. Thanks to this unique extra step it becomes possible to make swirling shifting patterns including the "Aurora" styled modes that give these bottles their name. Tapping the top changes modes for a variety of different effects.



These are available in multiple different types of bottle, if you have a particular bottle you'd like turned into a light then get in touch. Any bottle with a standard width neck, clear or frosted glass (no colouring) and 70cl+ size can be used. Some bottles can crack or break when drilled due to imperceptible defects in the glass so I cannot guarantee success. I do have access to a fairly wide array of bottles though so suggest a type and I might have one already or be able to get one soon.

Custom modes or colour schemes can also be made, get in touch with an outline of your needs for a quote. I already have an automatic version available for bar/window displays which changes mode periodically by itself. It's also possible to request a push-button top instead of touch-sensitive if you have pets etc. as they can end up changing the modes by rubbing the cap!


Automatically send an email with the ID number you would like to reserve by clicking the appropriate link. Each bottle is currently £45 for local pickup (Edinburgh, Scotland) or £50 including postage, please provide details and indicate which you would like.

light bottle BRU 05


Irn-Bru Bottle, 36 leds, touch sensitive. Mail to reserve

light bottle CUR-02


Finlandia curvy bottle, 36 leds, touch sensitive. Mail to reserve

light bottle GIN-01


Gin half-style bottle, 36 leds, touch sensitive. Mail to reserve

light bottle RUM-01

Just Sold!


James Cook Rum bottle, 36 leds, touch sensitive.

light bottle VOD-01


Smirnoff Bottle, 36 leds, touch sensitive. Mail to reserve

Currently these are UK ONLY! The touch sensitive part requires me to check the power supplies i use carefully and I have not yet had a chance to purchase and setup a test rig for american and mainland european power supplies and establish a supplier of acceptable quality for each.