I offer a huge range of different types and styles of lighting, generally I specialise in addressable or "pixel" lighting where every individual light can go any colour when controlled by a small micro-controller. The layouts, colour schemes, and types of lighting can all be customised as can the controls.

Light types

I currently work with the following types of lights:

Other types can be custom-ordered - available are small extra bright square panels, star shapes, small and large circles and various other sorts.


I provide custom controllers which can be controlled through one or more of the following methods:

Coming soon - IR remote control, wifi connected lights. Email me to ask about artnet or other different protocols for integration with other types of system, many things are possible!


As well as sourcing/creating the lights and controllers I also do installations of these either using parts you have or providing a complete package. The lights, controller, power supplies and installation are all included so everything you need is done.


I also do repairs of any sort of low voltage lighting, mainly LEDs. I can source and replace drivers/power supplies, dead pixels and many other types of fault or malfunction. I can also replace controllers with custom control to provide different effects or abilities.